The "CozyCraft"

In 2013 I created my goal was to hitchhike every state in the United States any way possible, as long as I didn't see the same face same place more then for one day. After sacrificing all the finer luxuries in life I started seperating and simplifying my every day routine. Without any experience I started hitchhiking locally to try to get a feel for what it would be like on the road. I soon found out being a one man show is a lot harder then what it seems and in a tent it's even harder.  In 2015 I decided buying a Passenger Van to convert into a camper would be beneficial to my quest. A passenger van will be discrete and easy to manouver. In 2016 I Purchased "The Big Ugly Dirty" a 1998 Dodge Ram B1500 stripped it down to a plain canvas to begin the camper conversion. In the meantime I found this 1982 Travelcraft at an auction that would be perfect for my Quest without having to custom build from scratch. After searching every inch of this vessel I found paper work from the previous owners. I contacted both owners and found out its life story. In 1982 It was Purchased by Thomas C Wattson. His Family toured the United States with it for the next 10+ years. It was then sold to someone who's number is no longer in service. In 2009 a man named Kevin purchased it for $1500. Kevin said he put about 4,000 miles on it camping around town with his family. As it sits now I will need some work to get it road worthy. This Cozy Craft has a lot of life left in it and would be the ideal road ready Rv for my Quest. All the raised money for the CozyCraft will be Donated to these Charities:
  • Salvation Army
  • Find the Children
  • Operation Gratitude
  • Cars for Breast Cancer
  • Cars for US Troops
  • United Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Heritage for the Blind

Wish me luck and follow me along the way as I vlog my  "Quest of America"!! 
Frank Televito